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Ecosia Senegal
A privacy friendly and eco-friendly alternative to Google Search

I've recently found out about this new search engine called Ecosia, which is a more-than-CO2-neutral, privacy friendly alternative to Google. Here are some of the key features in more details.

If you don't really care about the targeted ads that Google Search serves you and just want to search for some stuff, Ecosia is a perfect alternative.

The searches contribute towards re-greening efforts around the world. Their servers run in a more-than-CO2-neutral manner such that every search effectively removes CO2 from the atmosphere.

Moreover, they don't sell user data to advertisers; they don't have third-party trackers, and they anonymize all searches within one week.

The search results are pretty good - comparable to Google for most searches I've tried so far - so unless you have a particular reason to go through Google for your searches, Ecosia is a perfectly good alternative.