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Ecosia Senegal


  • Search Engines

I've recently found out about this new search engine called Ecosia, which is a more-than-CO2-neutral, privacy friendly alternative to Google. Here are some of the key features in more details.


Fun with websockets and asyncio in Python

  • Python

I've been playing around with WebSockets to replace an AJAX-heavy part of the front-end of a web app. This has taken me into the realm of asyncio and websockets Python modules which I had not used much of before, and I thought I'd write this up.


Continuing with zsh journey

  • zsh

In the previous post, I wrote about switching over to Zsh and adding my own Zsh theme. Since then, I've added a new theme to my Oh My Zsh fork that uses Powerline. Here are some extra bits to my Zsh config.

Oh My Zsh and Tux

Oh My Zsh

  • zsh

It looks like I'll be working with OSX a lot more from now on. So I've taken the leap and switched over to zsh. Naturally, I had to spend some time tweaking the prompt to get all the information that I need. zsh has a very different prompt configuration syntax to bash and after playing around with it manually, I remembered a friend of my recommended Oh My Zsh as a great framework for configuring zsh. I've created a fork of the ohmyzsh repo so I can install my own prompt by default.