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No wubildr error on 9.10 first restart when installing on windows 7 ... :Wubi_9.10


You have Wubi 9.10, that is you installed Ubuntu 9.10 inside Windows. Even if you do not have any problems right now, there is a fair chance that you will have booting problems after a future kernel update. The booting problems come in many different forms: The Grub menu does not appear at boot up. Instead you get a "grub:rescue>" or "grub:sh>" prompt The Grub menu appears, but trying to boot Wubi results in a kernel panic. The Grub menu appears, but trying to boot Wubi results in "file not found". ... You might experience these symptoms the first time you try to boot Wubi, or after a kernel or Grub update.


To be able to boot Wubi, Grub2 has to access the ntfs partition which is hosting Wubi. There is a bug in Grub 2, which prevents Grub2 to read any files on an ntfs partition beyond the first 4GB. If any of the boot files is outside of the 4GB limit, booting will fail. Depending on which boot file is outside the limit, the symptoms can be quite different. Since any kernel or Grub update relocates some of the boot files, you might be hit by this bug at any time. References:


Warning: The solution below is only for Wubi 9.10. It will make older versions unbootable. Boot into Windows and click on the following link to download the file "wubildr": wubildr Don't try to open the file. Move the file to "C:\" to replace the faulty "C:\wubildr". (to get to "C:\" go to "My Computer" or "Computer" and double click the "C:drive") If Wubi is not on the C:drive, you might need to place wubildr into the partition containing Wubi. So if Wubi is not on the C:\drive, repeat the above instructions, using the drive letter of the partition containing Wubi in place of "C:".

iPhone Safe/Verbose Mode ... -mode.html

nvram boot-args="-v -x"
Update: Okay, that's a lie, just use the SBSettings > Power > Safe Mode