Eclipse on MacBook Pro with Retina Display

  • Mac OSX
The fonts in Eclipse look rubbish on Retina display? Well here's what I did to remedy it.

This post is about getting Eclipse to render in 'High Resolution' mode on a MacBook Pro 10,2 Retina Display.

Retina Display

I've recently bought a MacBook Pro 10,2 with Retina Display. Although one of the first things I did with it was to install Ubuntu on it, I soon discovered that I can do most things that I wanted to do in Ubuntu just as well in OS X.

Eclipse not supporting High Resolution

One of these things was to be able to code Django in Eclipse using PyDev. While everything worked, Eclipse on Retina Display looked absolutely horrendous. When I opened the Info window for the Eclipse app, the "Show in High Resolution" option was not ticked and the tick box was greyed out.

According to Apple's developer reference, this means that the app does not support Retina and there are certain steps the developer needs to take to make the app Retina compatible. As a workaround, I tried changing to include NSHighResolutionCapable to see what happens. And lo behold: it worked! (After copying the folder, deleting the original one, and renaming the copy back to again - there seems to be some sort of caching going on.).